What We’re Doing at Home

It’s going on day…oh gosh, who can even remember what day of the quarantine we’re on anymore?! With many of us staying in our houses, we thought we’d let you know what our Arlington Stylebook contributors have been doing to keep themselves busy. Hopefully we can help spark some ideas if you’re on the hunt for what to do. We also want to say thank you so very much to all those who can’t stay home right now – we are so thankful for all of our frontline heroes!


Suzanne Manlove | Arlington Home Interiors

We started noticing painted rocks in front of homes in our neighborhood over the last couple of weeks. Some were decorated with uplifting messages, others with cute pictures. And I thought; Hey! We need to do that! So last Saturday night instead of watching Netflix, we had a family rock painting party. Everyone loved it and now we have some awesomely inspirational lawn decorations!



Rhoda Wheeler | Agents In Style

Our family has a strong tradition of playing croquet, and luckily, during this time of quarantine, we are still able to do so. There are only three of us at home, as our eldest daughter is in NYC, so matches are fairly fast-paced. I grew up in Annapolis, where the annual dressed-in-whites formal St. John’s College vs. Navy match is widely celebrated. My husband’s family, however, plays a form of croquet more like Jungle Ball, as it were. No smooth, flat groomed lawn for us! The course is played ‘‘in the rough” – rocks, yard plantings, dogs, and more are part of the course. The family tradition also features the “poison ball,” with the first to make home to turn back on the others and attempt to “kill” them. Last ball “alive” wins. It’s kind of a swell way to get our frustration out in a game setting! I maintain the tradition of dressing up for the game, as you would expect of a fashion boutique owner and stylist. We are fortunate to have our backyard in which to play croquet and we look forward to a time when we can once again invite many others to join us!



Jennifer Toole | TTR Sotheby’s International Realty

My family is using the extra time at home to accomplish the one thing I always plan to do, but never get around to – decluttering! We are doing it Marie-Kondo style. We started with our clothes, moved on to books, and are now focusing on all the paper. There is so much of it! While my house looks like a disaster area, there has been something very comforting about this process. Not only are we able to get rid of a lot of stuff, but we are getting the chance to go down memory lane. We have so many pictures stuffed away in boxes. (Remember when you actually had to have photos developed instead of keeping them on your phone?) I also found $200 in cash. Who knew? This is all going to pay off when we move at the end of the month. Where we would have probably had to pay movers to cart all this extra stuff to the new house, we are now getting rid of what we don’t need and only holding on to what is truly important to us – those things that spark joy!



Jane Abraham | Scout & Molly’s

These are certainly different times. To be honest, the majority of my time is being spent on keeping my business afloat and searching for assistance. I’ve also been working on ways our small business can bring some cheer to women on the frontline fighting the COVID-19 battle. See our shout out on Great Day Washington here!

To clear my head while working at home, I take long walks in my neighborhood. I love to start the day with one since the day has a way of getting away from me. If I’ve kept at the computer or on the phone all day, I force myself to get out for at least an hour before I fix dinner. And that is the silver lining in all of this – I have all three of my adult children at home with my husband and me. So, we are having lots of meals together. And for the first time, I’m not getting complaints about leftovers! The other thing I try to do is connect with at least two to three family members and friends by phone each day, usually while I’m walking. In the evenings, we are enjoying seeing lots of movies. Since everyone in the family has different favorites, selecting movies has been a lesson in compromise! My favorites are action movies where lots of stuff blows up (a great way to clear the mind) or feel-good sports movies (Miracle gets me every time I watch it).


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