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First and foremost – we are really excited to have you be a part of our inaugural week – so thank you very much to all who have joined us on this new adventure. We are ecstatic to be launching Arlington Stylebook as we have so many fantastic stores, restaurants, boutiques, fitness studios, and more in the Arlington area. But we know sometimes (ok, all of the time) life can be overwhelming and discovering the new boutique down the street or the fitness studio around the corner you’ve just never poked your head into can seem daunting.

Guess what? We’ve done the work for you! Subscribing to Arlington Stylebook will keep you up to date with the latest stores, styles, finds, and events in the Arlington area and we’ll send the details straight to your inbox. No more wishing you knew the best place to go for the perfect gift, no more thinking you might want to try spin, but you don’t know if the class is right for you…we are here to give you the insider look into what’s going on in Arlington so you can get to know the shops and owners in our (awesome) area.

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