The Magic of Mirrors

Mirrors are a fairly standard fixture in every living space and can do a lot more for your decor than just remind you how fabulous your hair looks. When used creatively, mirrors are an easy way to add instant impact to any room. Here are a few tips from the Arlington Home Interiors team to help you use the magic of mirrors to enhance your space.

Add Dimension and Depth: Mirrors are a great way to make a room feel more visually expansive. They can create the illusion of more space, opening up small rooms and making them feel much larger. Mirrors can also add depth to a windowless wall.


Photo: Stacy Zarin-Goldberg for Arlington Home Interiors


Brighten Up a Space: With the right placement, mirrors can bounce a space’s natural light making a room warmer and brighter. We love adding mirrors to entryways. It’s a great way to make a space feel inviting–and for one last chance to check your look as you dash out the door. (You look amazing, BTW.)


Photo: Robert Radifera, Styling: Charlotte Safavi for Arlington Home Interiors


Create Visual Interest: Choose a mirror with a stylish frame to create a dramatic focal point in your room. A large mirror is a great substitute for a large piece of art and is generally more affordable. We’re super fans of extra large mirrors! Like over-sized lighting fixtures, they add drama to a room.


Photo: Jenn Verrier for Arlington Home Interiors


Install Properly: Hanging a mirror is not like hanging a picture. They can be extremely heavy and it’s not something you want to come crashing down at any time.

**Pro Tip: Hire a professional to ensure your mirror is safely hung.**


McLean Custom Framing installing for Arlington Home Interiors


Keep in mind the mirror’s location and placement are key. Make sure you hang it opposite something you want to see reflected. The height is also important. The general guideline is to place the center of the mirror 60” from the floor. If you’re hanging a mirror over a piece of furniture, make sure it’s not too high above the piece so the two feel connected.


Photo: Bonnie Sen for Arlington Home Interiors


Here are a few of our favorite sources for mirrors; West Elm, Serena & Lily, and Lulu & Georgia.

Take a look around your house. Are there some rooms that would benefit from a mirror? It’s the quickest way to make your space feel larger, brighter, and it can also serve as a functional piece of art. Now, that’s magic.


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