What to Wear for Thanksgiving

pleased and relieved.


Whenever I’m struggling with what to wear, I do two things — first, I mood board without limitations. I turn to Pinterest for the latest and greatest in street style, editorial, and celeb fashion to find anything that catches my eye, pin it all, and then delete what doesn’t fit the vibe later. Second, I ask myself, “How do I want to feel?” The occasion is given an adjective, and therein, I find my cues. For example: if I feel like “a sparkly Christmas,” it means, duh, add a glittery shoe. “An elegant girl’s night” translates to a turtleneck and fur coat. “A laidback date night” means girl next door – jeans and sneakers with a cute top.

This year I found myself floundering as to what to wear for Thanksgiving. For one thing, we’re hosting, so I know I will be on my feet all day and night. Plus, I’ll be burning up in the kitchen reheating the food I’ve ordered for my family as I definitely am not attempting to cook this year. A turkey fail in the midst of 2020 would send me to the looney bin!

To avoid a holiday catastrophe, I’ve decided to simplify where I can and that includes my own look – no fuss! I want to feel festive, but I also don’t want to catch fire to my cashmere as I’m a first time Thanksgiving hostess. Not to mention, what a weird and very casual year we’re having. To dress to the nines like I normally would almost seems foolish – however, I love to dress up – hence the struggle!

For weeks, these details have kept me awake at night because, priorities. I considered the elements – there will be puppies, pumpkin pie, and a house full of pilgrims. I’d rather not roll my ankle in heels to avoid stepping on a puppy, but enough about me! So, I came up with a bunch of Thanksgiving options based on the various adjectives I could see myself (and you) seeking this year. A very cozy/comfy/chic/casual/creative/cocktail Thanksgiving! Okay, the last one might be a bit of a stretch as an adjective but deal with it!

Check out the curated looks below and here. As for me, I’ll go back to my mood board and this look book and probably make a game-time decision. One thing is for sure; you will not catch me at the local Turkey Trot! Happy Thanksgiving!








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