Street Style: Tariq Gardner

I met Tariq shortly after I opened Agents In Style Boutique in 2019. His first purchases were a Gucci bag and coordinating wallet, which he shared on Instagram, helping to create a buzz for our new shop. Tariq has a fun, energetic presence and every time he came to shop, his enthusiasm was contagious; we both quickly realized we wanted to collaborate.

Tariq and I began by pulling clothing items he could style in fresh and fashion-forward ways. Despite holding down two other jobs, Tariq has managed to fit in time working at the Boutique, and his eye for design and his happy vibe has created a great following of clients. Tariq is always up for a photoshoot, planned or impromptu! Clients seek his advice on fit, and he has been amazing at helping clients expand their ‘vision’ of themselves and appreciate their bodies and shape as they are. The only outfits he struggles to put together are for our mannequins – all the unyielding parts! – but he gives it a good-natured try!

When asked to nominate someone for Street Style, Tariq immediately came to mind. As you’ll see from his photos, he has modern style and grace, and the beauty in his soul shines through. This will undoubtedly be the first of many great collaborations between him and the talented photographer Sarah Marcella.


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How do you spend your time?

Tariq: Lately because of the pandemic I have spent a lot of time reading and creating social media content from home.

How long have you lived in Arlington?

Tariq: I’ve lived in Arlington since I was five and have loved every second of being here!

Your favorite cocktail?

Tariq: My favorite cocktail as a newly 21-year-old would have to be a vodka cran from Freddies on 23rd!

Facebook or Instagram?

Tariq: I personally love Instagram because it’s how I’ve built my business and made connections in the pandemic without having to navigate the world of in-person social networking.

If you could only have one for the rest of your life what would you have: wine or coffee?

Tariq: Well, I would love to say coffee but I’ve never really been a fan so I guess wine will have to suffice!




Define your fashion in three words or less:

Tariq: Fun, runway, streetwear.

The go-to pieces in your wardrobe?

Tariq: My go-to pieces are literally everything from Agents In Style. Rhoda (the owner) has always been amazingly helpful in pulling the best pieces for me and making me look and feel my best!

Your favorite beauty stop?

Tariq: My favorite place to go in Arlington for anything when it comes to beauty is Anna’s Salon on 23rd street! I’ve been going there since I was six and haven’t trusted anyone to do my hair or eyebrows since! The best part is the personal connection that so many people in Arlington have with the new owner Anna who has made me feel so welcomed into her shop.

Your favorite beauty trend?

Tariq: The bleach blonde hair trend is amazing. I was inspired by the whole early 2000’s blonde Paris Hilton moments and Anna’s Salon completely changed my life by helping me achieve it.

Favorite current trend?

Tariq: Accessibility! I love the new rise in small black-owned businesses such as Telfar which marketed their brand as inexpensive and accessible to all. It has obviously been a really great strategy for them because their site has been sold out for the last year and I still can’t get a bag or belt from them.

Your favorite fragrance?

Tariq: My favorite cologne would be the Versace Dylan Blue and my favorite perfume is Chanel N°5 which reminds me of my mom.




Favorite room in your home?

Tariq: My favorite room would have to be my closet because I am such a hoarder and have shirts from high school that I feel just as comfortable in as things I’ve bought more recently.

Antique modern or mix?

Tariq: With recently moving into my own place I’ve really gotten to explore the design concepts of living spaces and I’ve leaned more towards modern for my personal home but will browse future dream homes and only look at rustic cabins for hours.

The last item bought for your home?

Tariq: I just bought a weighted blanket which I’m obsessed with. It’s so comfy but also really helps with sleep!

Next planned purchase?

Tariq: My next planned purchase is a cloud wall which basically is a cotton wall with led lights running through it and it gives the effect of a wall being a cloud. Pretty self-explanatory but you can change the settings to simulate different weather patterns!




Your go-to workout?

Tariq: My go-to workout recently has been early morning fasting cardio and bodyweight workouts to define and tone.

What’s new in your workout routine?

Tariq: Working out for me has always felt like a chore – sports in college always ended up feeling like something I had to do and not wanted to do. So, I’ve made it my goal to just find things that I actually enjoy like running or biking.

How does working out reflect in your life?

Tariq: I think working out and being active is great for the obvious reasons but it’s not talked about enough how much of an impact it can have on your mental health if you’re in it for the right reasons. Working out has been a great anxiety relief for me during this pandemic!




A favorite local spot?

Tariq: I’ve lived in Arlington my whole life and to this day my favorite spots would be the Hume School and Fort Scott because they hold so many of my favorite childhood memories.

Your last purchase in Arlington?

Tariq: My last purchase would have to be a pair of jeans from Agents In Style. I was trying them on just to see how they looked but they were so comfortable I just decided to buy them so I didn’t have to change back into my slacks!

Best happy hour spot?

Tariq: Personally, the Sports Pub and Freddies both on 23rd street are the only places I feel comfortable with going out to grab drinks during the pandemic. The staff and owners have all been amazing at keeping everyone safe and healthy and I feel super comfortable being there.

Favorite annual Arlington event?

Tariq: I love the Sports Pub Thanksgiving and all the fun themed events they throw! Also Arlington is always good at decorating houses and giving the Hallmark Christmas movie vibes.



To learn more about Tariq, follow him on Instagram at @tgardner07 and follow Agents In Style at @shopagentsinstyle.



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