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For those of you who are adopting some of the traditional New Year’s Resolutions – to get in shape, to eat better, to get organized – here are some ways you can make some progress and support a local Arlington business!


Exercise More at Elevate 60 (E60) Fitness, 1520 Clarendon Blvd., Rosslyn

Arlington has been deemed the fittest city in the nation for the third year in a row by the ACSM American Fitness Index. For those who gained the “COVID-19” in 2020, this year might be a good one to commit to getting in shape. Boutique fitness studios need your support now more than ever. They were hit very hard by the COVID pandemic. In order to stay in business, they had to completely rework operations with many pivoting to Zoom classes, outdoor classes, and heightened safety procedures for indoor workouts (e.g., heightened cleaning/disinfecting, temperature checks, masks, limited class size, etc.). As a result, getting in shape is easier than ever.

There are so many fitness studio options in Arlington to choose from, and I have written about some of them in the past. One studio that stands out for its commitment to safety and its accommodation to every fitness level is E60 Fitness in Rosslyn. E60 provides a scientific approach with targeted workouts that change daily and challenge all fitness levels. They have group classes and personal one-on-one training that are offered in-person and virtually. They also have private gym hours when group classes are not scheduled, where members can use the facility to work out on their own. The group fitness classes combine multiple exercise disciplines – cardio, resistance, and functional movement – by creating several stations that the members work through. All of this is directed by certified personal trainers. The group classes are like having a personal trainer, but for a small group. The lengths that E60 has gone to in order to protect its members from COVID is impressive. Check out their website for a non-exhaustive list (and a video!) of what measures they have in place. Click here to sign up for a free week of classes.


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P.S. -> If Yoga and Pilates are more your thing, you must check out the amazing classes that fellow Stylebook contributor Mind the Mat has available. Between Zoom, outdoor, and small group classes, there is something for everyone!


Eat Better by Shopping at Fresh Impact Farms

Eating better can mean different things to different people, but if you have a goal to improve what you eat, many Arlington businesses are ready to help. If you are looking for someone to customize a nutrition plan for you, check out Deanna Won, who was featured in Arlington Stylebook in November. She can help you find the right diet and also help guide you with overall wellness. And if you want to get locally grown chemical-free microgreens and more, we have a sustainable urban farm right in our backyard.

Fresh Impact Farms is a sustainable farm that uses hydroponic technology to produce its crops. Prior to COVID, the farm primarily supplied its herbs, greens, and edible flowers to the local restaurant community. Now, Fresh Impact Farms has a CSA (community supported agriculture) program that makes local deliveries. You can also place orders for pick up between 9am and 2pm, Tuesday through Friday. Check out their website for a list of available options.


Photo Credit: Fresh Impact Farms


Get Organized with Pop Organizing

After being stuck in our homes for so long, many of us have attempted (but not everyone has been successful) clearing out the clutter. Maybe this is the year to finally get organized. You can try it on your own (for those Marie Kondo and Home Edit Fans), but sometimes it is better to leave it to a professional.

Pop Organizing can help you organize more than just your closet (but they do that too). They can help with organizing your home, serving as a personal assistant, and they can even help you get organized if you are planning to move to a new home. With COVID, Pop Organizing had to shut down completely at first. There was a short period where they flirted with Zoom organizing, but once clear COVID guidelines were established (use of social distancing, masks, etc.), Pop was able to safely enter their clients’ homes to provide hands-on service. Click here to learn more about Pop’s services.


Photo Credit: Pop Organizing


Photo Credit: Pop Organizing


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