One Look Back Before We Say Goodbye

How lucky have I been to be a part of Arlington Stylebook?! But, like all good things, this one is coming to an end. Today’s post is my last one. So, I would like to take this occasion to share my favorite posts from our 16-month run. I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane with me!

Of course, as a Realtor, I absolutely loved providing market updates and tips for buyers and sellers. There were so many posts in those categories that I won’t list them here. I will just say that my involvement with Arlington Stylebook kept me more connected than ever with our local market, which benefited me, my clients, and – I hope – our readers!


The first gathering of the Arlington Stylebook contributors and friends.


My first post ever, My Favorite Arlington Spots (That I Learned About from My Clients) remains one of my favorites. It was so much fun to reconnect with clients to explore their favorite places and see our city from a different lens. We ended up having a lot in common with our favorites places, but I also learned about some new ones. I loved the subject so much that on the anniversary of that first post, I decided to do it again. I polled my 2020 Arlington clients to explore their favorite spots in Favorite Arlington Spots (That I Learned About from My Clients): 2020 Edition.


Northside Social: A favorite spot of my clients, Amanda and Rob (as well as many others)


It was great being able to share my personal milestones and write about what I learned to hopefully help others in our community navigate their own big life changes. In my New Year’s 2020 post, This is the Year I’m Going To . . ., I was able to share the steps it takes to change your name as I embarked on that journey. I was actually approached by readers and friends who said my checklist helped them do the same. I also enjoyed sharing my very positive experience moving during the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in The Impact of the Coronavirus on Our Real Estate Market (Part 4): Moving During Corona. I hoped at the time that the post would give others confidence that a move in the pandemic can be done safely. As the record-breaking home sales demonstrated this year, buyers and sellers were not at all deterred!


2020 was a year of many personal milestones for me. I took this guy’s name and moved into my new home!


Finally, I loved getting to meet people in our community and share their stories. Three women that I met, jewelry designer Jules Jernigan, local artist Sabrina Cabada, and Health Coach Deanna Won, made an impact on me – I am a huge fan of anyone who lives life on their own terms and each of these women does just that. Their talent, their commitment to their passion, and their stories were compelling and inspiring. I also got to share some of my favorite Arlington people with our readers through the Street Style segment: Kat McPherson, Margaret Bicz, and Lindsey Askew. I even got to get glammed up and appear in Street Style myself, which was quite a treat!


Mural by local artist Sabrina Cabada


Margaret Bicz, from Street Style


It was quite a run Arlington Stylebook. While my heart is heavy, it is full. Thanks for the memories!

This is not the end; I have plans to connect with you in the near future. If you would like to stay on the journey with me, follow me on Instagram, @jentoolejo. Be sure to share your favorite Arlington Stylebook posts in the comments below.


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