How To Style a Poncho

There are a lot of thin ponchos available these days in beautiful knits and cashmere. I’m often asked what is the “correct” way to wear these ponchos. The truth is that there isn’t just one way. Using your imagination, you can wear your poncho several different ways and create many unique outfits.

I asked my daughter, Betsy, to demonstrate some of the ways she wears the Eden Poncho, by Kerisma.


Traditional Look:
Drape the poncho to one side. This is flattering on everyone.




Place the V to the front of your neck. This style gives the most coverage of your front.




Reverse V:
Twist the poncho around so the V is on your back. This gives a very flattering straight edge look across your front and gives your back the most coverage.




Scarf Look 1:
Gather the poncho lengthwise from the V to the end, wrap around your neck and insert the long end through the opening. This is a traditional scarf look.




Scarf Look 2:
Gather the short end of the poncho and slip over your head with the V in front. This looks flattering inside a winter coat and provides an extra layer of warmth to your front.



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