COVID Fitness Tips from Arlington’s Top Trainer

It is time for a New Year’s resolution check. For those of you who decided you were going to shake the “COVID-19” gained during the pandemic and start getting fit in 2021, how is it going? If you are struggling, you are not alone. I recently got the chance to pick the brain of Arlington’s top personal trainer, Andrew Shin, to get his advice on how to get back on track.


Tip 1: Just Move. Andrew says the best advice he could give to anyone trying to get fit is to begin by moving. He stresses the best thing to do is track your steps and aim for 15,000 steps per day. “Put a mask on and go for long walks.” He also points out that so many fitness studios and instructors have moved their group classes online. It is pretty easy to find a live class that fits your schedule. Typically, there is minimal equipment needed. With the right instructor, you can succeed from your living room! Andrew himself hosts group classes each week. Information about his classes can be found on his website.




Tip 2: Cycle Your Carbs. Andrew stresses being conscious of what you are putting in your body and viewing your food as fuel. A sedentary lifestyle does not require as much fuel. So, if you are sitting around more, you have to really watch what you eat. And what might that be? Andrew recommends carb cycling, which essentially means opting to eat more carbs on the days where you have scheduled workouts, and fewer carbs when you don’t.



Tip 3: Surround Yourself with Positivity (and Positive People). When it comes to obstacles to fitness, Andrew has heard every excuse in the book. So many people are going through hard times, which makes it very difficult to work out. Andrew’s own life has been far from a fairytale, so he has a lot of compassion for those who are trying to make the transition to a healthier lifestyle. A positive attitude is key to getting you through the tough times. It is hard to do that alone. Andrew recommends finding a support group, a walking/running group, or create a fitness challenge with friends or co-workers. Andrew himself sponsors challenges among his clients to keep them motivated and engaged. If you are having a tough time, find someone you trust to talk to. Andrew looks forward to the day when we will all be able to go to the gym or fitness studio and work out together.



Andrew Shin is the owner of Andy Shin Fitness. He is a Master Trainer and Injury/Rehab Specialist. His certifications include: NASM, NASM Corrective Exercise, TRX, Animal Flow Level 1, Hardcore Kettlebell, and Trigger Point Therapy. As many of Andrew’s certifications indicate, he works with a diverse population of clients at varying levels of fitness/ability. He specializes in helping those going through or surviving from trauma – whether it be cancer, diabetes, infertility, miscarriage, surgery, or physical injury – but is enthusiastic about helping anyone committed to creating a healthy lifestyle. Andrew has been rated the top personal trainer in Arlington and the D.C. Metro area multiple times.



Andrew offers one-on-one training sessions out of Phoenix Fitness in Ballston. He also hosts online boot camps via zoom. Andrew’s clients have access to a phenomenal app that has a section for homework (customized at-home workouts with video demonstrations that can be checked off as you go), a section for tracking your progress, a nutrition section, a section to chat with other clients, and the opportunity to participate in fitness challenges with over-the-top prizes. Andrew is currently serving the DMV area – virtually and in person.  He might have a slight waitlist, but it’s definitely worth the wait!



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