Color in Crisis

Ever since I was a kid, I always had trouble falling asleep. COVID has only exasperated my sleeping woes with lots on the mind as my days are filled with shifting, adjusting, emoting, sucking it up, and putting myself back together again. The pandemic experience took me back to basics. When I had to revisit coping strategies of what has and has not worked in the past, I was reminded of my classic hits that would undoubtedly settle my mind.

As a young gal facing teenage angst and volatile hormones, to calm the privileged pressures I was faced with, I would drift off into dreamland focused on what I was going to wear the next day. While this may seem simplistic, it was actually quite elaborate as options in my closet and color palettes would turn my whirling mind into a calm and quiet place of making choices about my appearance that I could control – especially since I was in a body that was changing constantly whilst trying to get a grasp on puberty. Though I didn’t know it at the time, I was, in fact, “pre-styling” my look in the context of my mind – figuring out the perfect shoes, which jeans were the right wash, and a couple of top/jacket options to swap out or layer in case of weather woes. This skill I would later hone for profit working with clients on photoshoots, red carpets, and in their personal closets. My mind grazed through my catalog of options like I was flipping pages in a magazine. Gazing at the offerings, observing the details, before ultimately flipping the page establishing whether it would be yay or nay for me. This was my peace, my way of taking back control, and my lullaby.




Over the past few months, feeling fed up during nights of insomnia and exhaustion feeding my creativity, keeping me wide awake (it’s true, look it up), I turned to my Pinterest board when I was looking for inspiration. I thought of my aesthetic and how I wanted to “show up” for fall – a term my life coach inspired – in terms of wardrobe and as a human being. Knowing the look sets the tone for the day/season/year, I decided – unlike falls and winters of my past – I wanted to break out of my usual style lifecycle of bright colors in spring and summer followed by hibernating in dark, drab, and grim shades for fall and winter. I noticed my board had many pins of color-on-color looks that could work for winter and it dawned on me… I can have fun with clothes, every day, year-round – it’s only a choice away. Why was I hibernating and fading into the background in the fall and winter? In short, because it’s my busiest season and I was choosing practicality over authenticity. This year it seems more necessary than ever to choose self-expression, fun, and ways to interject little moments of joy wherever I can find them amidst this crisis. The strategy is simple. Follow the color wheel, pair complementary/contrasting shades, screw it up a little bit, create tonal looks (tone-on-tone), introduce animal prints, and choose a surprising third color to throw it all off. But have fun! They say in crisis art thrives, so why not be your own canvas?

At my style studio, I practice and enforce Style-for-Self Care with my clients, which is dressing to be the best version of yourself. Not who you’re expected to be, not to be a wallflower, but to live your true authentic life how you feel most confident to reach your goals and achieve your dreams. For me, wearing color is like being in the sunshine – it’s a feel-good vitamin!

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Founder, Creative Director, & Stylist | Lindsey Evans Studio
With 10 years in the entertainment and celebrity styling industry under her belt, stylist Lindsey Evans decided to bring her Wardrobe Concierge Experience to the modern clients’ home. Lindsey began her styling career in 2010 as a Los Angeles native. Since pursuing a career in the fashion industry, she has been featured in publications such as InStyle, Elle, Interview, InTouch Weekly, among others. She studied under the tutelage of famed costume designer and celebrity stylist B. Akerlund and has assisted with styling several stars, including Katy Perry, Madonna, and Taylor Swift. Along the way, she picked up celebrity clients of her own and scored them on the best-dressed lists of Glamour and Teen Vogue.

Lindsey Evans Studio was established in the DMV area in 2017. What Lindsey Evans Studio is most known for is her ability to provide a luxury service for modern men and women of every body type, size, and budget. The client, as an individual, is at the epicenter of her personal styling philosophy. Whether you are a working professional, a D.C. socialite, an individual experiencing a transformative time of life, someone seeking a serious style upgrade, or just an organized closet facelift, Lindsey ensures that you fulfill your every aspiration through the careful curation of a wardrobe that is exquisitely tailored to your needs, lifestyle, and goals. The studio maintains Lindsey’s Style for Self-Care Philosophy, which teaches clients how to use their personal style as a tool for leveling up all their goals. What to change your life? Change your outfit! Clearly this philosophy has been a hit as Lindsey Evans Studio was recognized in 2019 and 2020 as the Best Styling Service/Personal Shopper of Northern Virginia.

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