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We are three weeks away from the first day of school, and with public school instruction starting 100 percent online, preparing for the first day of school is going to be dramatically different this year. As the mother of a sixth-grader, I have to be honest when I say that I am dreading it! I spent some time on the Arlington Public Schools (APS) website, and here are some resources and tips to help our APS parents get ready.

Also, July Real Estate numbers are in – scroll to the bottom of this post for the latest stats.



Getting Ready for the First Day of School



The 2020-21 School Year Calendar:

Please note these key dates:

Fri. 9/4 & Mon. 9/7 are APS staff holidays;
Tues 9/8 is the first day of school, K-12;
Wed 9/16 is Back to School Night for Elementary;
Thurs 9/17 is Back to School Night for Middle School; and
Wed 9/23 is Back to School Night for High School.

While APS does have a full calendar posted on its site, adjustments are being made, and a new calendar will be released soon.


Daily Student Schedules:
Model schedules for all grade levels are available on the APS website.
Click here for Pre-K and Elementary.
Click here for Middle School.
Click here for High School.

Students and parents will receive their actual schedules soon. The daily schedules will differ from the distance learning that took place in the spring following the COVID-19 shutdown. Attendance will be taken, and work will be graded. All students will receive electronic devices to aid in instruction (see “APS Distance Learning Toolkits, School Supplies, and Technology” below). Classes will follow a daily schedule that is similar to a normal in-person school day for four days a week. Essentially, Tuesdays through Fridays will have approximately five and a half hours of distance learning. Some of the distance learning will be live with teachers and classmates; some of it will be independent with prepared online resources.



APS Distance Learning Toolkits, School Supplies, and Technology:
From Kindergarteners to Eighth Graders, students will receive distance learning toolkits that include math tools, art supplies, and science tools. APS will also provide a basic school supply kit for those who need it at cost. APS will be providing iPads to students in grades PreK – 8, iPad cases with keyboards to Middle School students, and Macbook Airs to High School students. Check the APS website for more details.


The APS Parent Academy:
Starting next week (week of 8/24), the APS website will make available a series of videos and resources to help parents navigate distance learning both as we approach the school year and after school begins.


With all the differences, one thing I hope doesn’t change is the adorable First Day of School pics my friends post on Facebook every year. Keep those coming!



How is the Market?

The Arlington real estate statistics for July have good news for both buyers and sellers. I have been writing for the longest time that inventory is down, which has created great challenges for buyers. Inventory is up over 70 percent from the same time last year! We are also seeing considerable increases in the total volume of sold properties and the average sales price. The number of homes sold is up as well. The only number that has gone down from last year is the number of days on market, which means homes are selling more quickly after hitting the market (by one day, or almost six percent on average). Here are the numbers:



*Statistics generated through RBI Smart Charts.


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