All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

Do fashion trends even exist anymore? From a girl who awaits the Vogue September issue as if I myself am Gisele planning my season’s attire – I assure you they prevail. With events canceled, travel subsided, and frigid February spoiling our outdoor chances to strut our look, what if there was still a way to keep the trends alive?

Today I’m looking at fashion’s top five of 2020 and how we can take them from the runway to our home.

Photo Credit: @_fashion_drawings_


Faux Leather

Faux leather isn’t new, but it has undoubtedly made a commotion in 2020. Made popular by Nanushka in 2005, today the most inexpensive pieces could pass for couture. Unlike genuine leather, faux or vegan leather is soft and flexible. I think I’ve just hit the nail on the head why this has been a trend at the height of the pandemic. Since I had my son a year ago, my favorite vegan leather go-to for home and baby is Must-have item: Their vegan leather table runner. Chic, on-trend, durable, cleanable, need I go on.


Photo one: H&M, Photo two: Gathre



I’m not talking about your average grandmother’s crochet. I’m talking high fashion from ultra-feminine dresses to polished suiting. As the fashion industry gravitates toward sustainable, it is nice to see crochet standing out. It embraces hand-made traditions that can be passed down generation to generation. Not ready for evening wear just yet? To honor the hands that will keep this trend alive, I’m loving these templates by JolisDesigns on Etsy.


Photo one: Harper’s Bazaar, Photo two: JolisDesigns 


Gold Chains

Layered together for a chic messy neck or worn as a singular heavy-duty statement piece, there’s no denying the gold chain necklace was a fashion front runner this year. Based on the spring runways by powerhouses Bottega Veneta and Zimmerman, 2020 was the year of the chain. Bring this style to your office by wearing it as both fashion and function with the mask chain. I’m loving this one by Uncommon James. It’s also the year of the mask, so let us embrace it.


Photo Two: Uncommon James


‘90s Nostalgia

The source for this trend is unclear. Perhaps we all yearned for a simple, less complicated time, or maybe we didn’t want to spend money on new clothes to be all dressed up with nowhere to go. However it began, I’m grateful this trend is back in full force. A buzz word we’ve heard all year was how to “pivot.” Each time we are all picturing Ross and that sofa on the stairwell, circa Friends. So how can we not add these tea towels to our ‘90s home flare?


Photo one: Cosmopolitan, Photo two: Pottery Barn


All Things Cashmere

I believe we have Katie Holmes to “thank” for getting us hooked on cashmere. In 2019 she famously haled a cab in her matching cashmere bra and cardigan set. She reminded us all that this luxurious fiber didn’t have to be reserved to gloves and scarves. From sweatpants to bike shorts to scrunchies, the cashmere frenzy took hold in 2020. I would be remiss if I didn’t feature the ultimate way to bring this home. Forget the throw blanket; we’re taking it to the floor with a cashmere rug. Clearly, I’m partial to this hand-made beauty by Patterson Flynn Martin.


Photo two: PFM


I’ve never been one to blindly follow a trend. Instead, I take ones I love and make them my own. With more time at home and less people to impress, our styles, both personal and home, are bound to emerge. For we are in a time and place where we are truly in tune to what we want and what we need. Love and light.


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Lindsey has shaped her career in the design industry having worn many hats. It’s given her a unique perspective and skill set to serve her clients. Currently Lindsey has found her groove running the Patterson Flynn Martin showroom in the Washington Design Center. “It’s fabulous. Over the past few years I’ve made strong ties with the D.C. design community. They’ve come to trust me, and now this incredible custom rug company, on their most important projects. Being invited on their design process allows me to wear my creative and business hats – it’s a perfect recipe for success.”

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