6 Secrets for Decorating with Pillows

One quick and satisfying way to change up your living space is to add decorative pillows. Pillows add a stylish pop to any space. And this is a change you can totally make on your own – with a few designer tips. The Arlington Home Interiors’ team is a bit obsessed with pillows, so here are a few tricks we’ve picked up, as well as some of our favorite sources.

1.) Matching not required: Resist the urge to perfectly match. Mix solids with patterns, combine different fabrics and include different sizes. Animal print? Sure, why not. This is your chance to get wild and experiment. If it doesn’t work out, give it to your best friend and try again!


Photo: Robert Radifera, Styling Charlotte Safavi for Arlington Home Interiors


2.) Go big: We like to use pillows that are at least 20-22 inches in width. For the truly bold, make a statement with a 24 inch pillow. Big pillows add a refined touch.


Photo: Jenn Verrier for Arlington Home Interiors


3.) More is more: Our pillow philosophy – more is better. For sofas, you’ll want two pillows per corner and for a sectional, you’ll want five to six (two in each corner). We like a lumbar on chairs too, for color and back support.


Photo: Robert Radifera, Styling: Charlotte Safavi for Arlington Home Interiors


4.) Bedroom drama: Here’s one of our new favorite styles – one long pillow on the bed that’s easy to move at night and adds color and interest during the day. A good day should start with a neatly made bed, accented with a pretty pillow.


Photo: Jenn Verrier for Arlington Home Interiors


5.) Firm vs. Squishy: Pillow firmness is ultimately a personal preference. A general rule of thumb is that super-firm pillows give you a more polished look. If you’re going for a more casual vibe, use pillows that are loosely filled and let them droop a bit. When buying pillow inserts, we suggest getting the next size up from the pillowcase so the corners are filled.


Photo: Robert Radifera, Styling: Charlotte Safavi for Arlington Home Interiors


6.) Easy to Swap: Change your pillows with the seasons to give your spaces a regular refresh. You can go light and bright with colors and coverings in the spring (think linens and cotton) and cozy and warm in the winter (velvets and chunky knits). Once you’ve purchased the pillow insert, you can easily swap out the cover to change the mood.


Photo: Robert Radifera, Styling: Charlotte Safavi for Arlington Home Interiors


Here are a few of our favorite sources for pillows; Serena & Lily, Room & Board, and Williams Sonoma Home.

Pillows are more than just fluff! They’re your new number one design trick for an easy room refresh.


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