6 Home Office Essentials

Remember the days when working from home meant “working” (wink, wink) from home. It was an occasional thing; a sick child, a snow day, a home repair with a ridiculous 8-hour arrival window. It was easy enough to keep up with your emails for a day while letting the kids binge on their screens. Boy, those were the good old days, weren’t they? Now, the reality is you have to be productive at home. Working on your laptop on the sofa surrounded by a million distractions is not going to cut it.

It’s time to seriously consider setting up a home office. A space where you can get away from the kids, the pets, or the spouse stressing about their work. Don’t worry. We’ve put together a list of home office essentials to help you stay productive and get down to business at home!


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Home Office Essentials:



  1. Designate a quiet space: Ideally, pick a room with a door but if space is an issue it can be the corner of a room. A dedicated, consistent space will help you keep a routine and stay productive. (Those are the two biggest things helping me these days!).
  2. Get an actual desk: Your laptop shouldn’t be on your lap these days. It needs to be front and center on a real desk with additional space so you can spread out and get to work. A table or a counter is an option but a desk is more functional and purposeful. Room&Board has a nice variety of quality desks with several styles and sizes to choose from.
  3. Invest in a good chair: Do your back a favor and don’t try sitting for hours at a time on a stool or a dining room chair. Trust me, as someone who has worked from home for many years, it is so worth investing in a real office chair. I suggest the Setu chair by Herman Miller.
  4. Organize your stuff: Staying organized reduces stress. Make sure you have storage bins and containers for your papers and supplies. Check out these diamond woven kiva storage bins from The Container Store.
  5. Consider proper lighting: The right lighting can help your mood and increase your productivity. The more natural light, the better, so face the window if you can and soak up that Vitamin D! We also recommend a task lamp for your desk. We love this stylish Mid-century Task Lamp by West Elm.
  6. Add some personality: Hang artwork and photos to inspire you. Bring in some color with an image that makes you smile, maybe a beach scene or a favorite destination. We suggest checking out Minted.com.


Photo: Stacy Zarin-Goldberg for Arlington Home Interiors


And if you need help pulling this all together we’re ready to go! Arlington Home Interiors is putting our experience to work to help busy professionals like you with remote design solutions to help you stay productive (and sane).


Home Office Design Mood Board by Arlington Home Interiors


With a remote design package, we can discuss your space needs via Skype or Facetime, develop floor plans and a mood board (see above) to show you how the design items work together, draft a budget worksheet, and provide a list of recommended items with links so you can order everything from home.

A well-designed space will tell your brain it’s time to get to work and helps you shift from home mode to work mode. Stay healthy! Stay productive! And remember we’re here to help if you need us. Drop us a note today!


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