5 Reasons to Consider Custom Furnishings

When we work with clients to design their dream interiors, we often recommend custom furnishings rather than mass-produced retail items. Sometimes the word “custom” elicits a slightly panicked look. But after we explain the advantages of custom pieces–including how the pricing is often very competitive to that of big-box retailers–clients get really excited about the idea of furnishings crafted exactly for their needs. For example, this summer we commissioned a custom 17 foot dining room table for a client who wanted to seat their entire family for the holidays. That was one big table!


This hand-forged, marble top table was sized to fit perfectly within our clients’ master bedroom entry.
Photo by Stacy Zarin-Goldberg for Arlington Home Interiors.


We have 5 reasons why you should consider going custom:


  1. Competitive Pricing: People often associate the word “custom” with expensive but it’s not necessarily the case. By using furniture builders that sell directly to the design community, we are able to ensure high-quality pieces at prices competitive to local retailers like Ethan Allen, Crate and Barrel, and Restoration Hardware. With upholstered pieces, we can manage your budget through fabric selection and still guarantee that your piece is built to last.


  1. True Personalization: By designing one-of-a-kind furnishings, we can personalize your pieces through sizes, finishes, fabrics, embellishments, and hardware. Custom-made furniture can solve design challenges and fully maximize your living space. Upholstered furniture can also be crafted to your liking when it comes to details like firmness, pitch, and sizing. Custom is all about comfort and adaptability. We’ve even specified cushions and pillows with hypoallergenic fillings for clients with allergies.


This hand-made, custom painted, solid wood dresser was crafted by Gat Creek Furniture of West Virginia.
Photo by Jenn Verrier
for Arlington Home Interiors.


  1. Better Quality: Custom furnishings are made one at a time by craftsmen using high-quality materials as opposed to assembly line, mass-produced retail products. From hand-tailored upholstery to 8-way hand-tied spring construction, to frames made from kiln-dried hardwoods with doweled and glue fitted joints, these pieces are worthy of heirloom status. They’re built to last for generations.


This handcrafted table was built with extra company boards to add seating. Plus, the chairs are custom, too!
Photo by Robert Radifera and styling by Charlotte Safavi
for Arlington Home Interiors.


  1. Domestic Production: Many of our custom pieces are crafted in North Carolina and other East Coast states. Since these custom pieces are produced and shipped domestically, the chances of delays due to international shipping or damages that could occur during a long shipping process are greatly reduced. And if something goes wrong, these companies have excellent, very accessible customer service and work to make it right.


This hand-made, walnut nightstand by Elijah Leed of North Carolina was crafted for an exact fit.
Photo by Stacy Zarin-Goldberg
for Arlington Home Interiors.


  1. Green Benefits: Several of our regional furniture companies have committed to minimizing the environmental impacts of furniture production. From using locally sourced wood to producing pillows filled with 100% recycled fibers made from plastic bottles, these companies have incorporated eco-friendly manufacturing practices. And since these well-made products aren’t replaced after a few years, they won’t end up in a landfill. Plus, locally sourced furnishings have a reduced carbon footprint.


If you’re thinking about transforming your living space into your dream home, consider going custom. It’s a great way to build lasting memories! Send us a note to hello@arlingtonhomeinteriors.com if you need help getting your design project off the ground.


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