5 Décor Trends You Won’t Regret in 2025

This time of year is full of trend lists, which is great because I love lists. Love making them. Love reading them. Love sharing them. With that in mind, I thought we’d kick January off by sharing some of the trends the design industry is talking about, and how it relates to thoughtful, real life design in your home. At Arlington Home Interiors, we like to be aware of trends, but we don’t feel obligated to follow them. Design should be personal, make sense functionally, and should stand the test of time. So some of these “trends” are really just good design. So let’s jump into that list, already!


1.) Oversized Lighting:

Statement lighting is not going anywhere this year. An interesting light can add so much personality to an otherwise quiet room. A great chandelier or pendant brings the eye up in a room with a high ceiling. In a smaller room, it can add focused drama. In this Arlington dining room, an oversized pendant definitely makes a statement in this small, but welcoming gathering place! This year you’ll continue to see oversized pendants everywhere­—in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms.


Photo: Jenn Verrier for Arlington Home Interiors 


2.) Color of the Year – Classic Blue:

Pantone has selected Classic Blue (19-4052, to be exact) as their color for 2020 for “Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.” We love working with blue and it seems to be all of our client’s favorite color. It’s pleasing in just about any space, whether a family room, bedroom, or even as accents in a bathroom. Blue pairs well with so many colors – yellow, orange, gray, or green, to name a few.


Photo: Robert Radifera for Arlington Home Interiors


3.) Rooms with a Natural, Warm Feel:

No, gray is not out in our opinion. However, we are starting to see more interest in warmer, earth-toned colors such as bone, terracotta, olive green, and tans. We’re also are seeing–and loving–texture everywhere. From woven leather, caning, and wicker to nubby fabrics and rugs, texture is a great way to add interest to a more neutral space. And for a quick natural touch, you can’t go wrong with adding more plants! Not a green thumb? Try a snake plant – they’re virtually indestructible.


Photo: Jenn Verrier for Arlington Home Interiors


4.) Rooms that Create a Sense of Wellness:

We’re all in the search of that fleeting, elusive state of calm. Your home can actually help! Design elements that create a sense of calm in a room include; plush seating, muted colors, and soft lighting. A calming space should invite your senses to enjoy the room; touch-soft textures and tactile surfaces; sight-less contrast/muted palette; smell-scented candles and oil diffusers, sound-peaceful music to set the mood. If you practice yoga or meditation, consider creating a dedicated space in your home to help make it an everyday routine.


Photo: June Stanich for Arlington Home Interiors


5.) Sustainability (Repurpose, Recycle, Shop Local):

We love mixing old with new – whether it’s your Grandma’s beloved chair or a vintage mid-century dining table found in Old Town. Don’t forget you can paint or reupholster old furniture to give it an exciting new life. (We do it all of the time with great results!) If you are in the market for new furnishings, consider buying custom pieces from east coast manufacturers to reduce the carbon footprint associated with production.


Photo: Stacy Zarin-Goldberg for Arlington Home Interiors


If any of these trends speak to you, dip your toe in the water and give them try. Start off small with a couple of “classic blue” pillows, maybe pick up a fiddle leaf fig for the living room corner, or consider incorporating an antique piece into a modern mix.

Do you have any specific design questions relating to your home? Please email us at hello@arlingtonhomeinteriors.com and we’ll answer and share it on Arlington Stylebook.


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